Challenging Impossibility

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….Mr. Chinmoy befriended — and, of course, lifted — Mr. Lewis and many other athletes, including the legendary bodybuilder Frank Zane and the strongman Hugo Girard, all of whom visited the museum Friday….

“He sacrificed his body to spread his spiritual message,” said Mr. Zane, a three-time Mr. Olympia in the late 1970s and one of the few people to have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger, which he did at the 1968 Mr. Universe competition. – A Monument to Strength as a Path to Englightenment at New York Times

….It’s one thing for a man or woman in his or her prime to bulk up and take part in the sport of weightlifting, but a 54-year-old spiritual teacher? That’s Sri Chinmoy for you, a man willing to push himself to the limits in order to show the world that anyone can reach their maximum potential. –  Interview with directors of Challenging Impossibility at Cinema Blend

….Doing a wrist curl with up to a 270 pound hand weight or lifting a baby elephant all on your own may seem impossible, but they are examples of the iron-pumping spiritual guru Sri Chinmoy carried in his efforts to inspire the world.

Spiritual Guru’s Strength on Display at Tribeca at New York One, including video.



“I met Sri Chinmoy many years ago and I’ve been lifted, he’s inspired me and he’s followed my career….. and if people knew Sri Chinmoy, when you were in his presence it was always positive, you never heard anything negative, he was always inspiring you to be better than yourself and think about other people and that’s what i got from him ….”  – Olympic Medallist (Carl Lewis) talks ‘Challenging Impossibility


“…It’s not often that the terms philosopher, poet, spiritual leader and world record-breaking strongman are attributed to one individual.  But Sri Chinmoy, the subject of the new short documentary film Challenging Impossibility, was all of the above.  ” –  Tribeca Buzz


“The success of the film is that it allows you to understand the how and why without any direct explanation or lecture. There is a variety of perspectives from top body builders to fitness experts and those who were just lifted by Sri Chinmoy. It is a curious blend of topics and people, but this adds to its fascination. It is very revealing to gain a glimpse into why these weightlifters were moved by these unique lifting feats.” – Challenging Impossibility Review by Tejvan