This was one of Sri Chinmoy’s favourite lifts. Unlike the overhead lifts, where he was somewhat removed from the person or object, here he could see them at all times – they were literally sitting or standing in his lap! Lifter and lifted were just inches from each other. Sri Chinmoy introduced this lift in 1986 and it became a core part of every weightlifting programme after that. Over the years, he lifted sheep, miniature horses, refrigerators, pumpkins, trees, motorcycles, a stone lion and groups of people in various configurations. One of these lifts that held a special significance for Sri Chinmoy was his complete collection of his own published books. In 1986 he lifted 700 books. On July 7, 2007 he lifted 1566 books weighing 806 pounds.

“When we live in the heart, there is no such thing
as impossibility.” –Sri Chinmoy

(This post is taken from a series of displays made to commemorate Sri Chinmoy’s 25th lifting anniversary in June 2010. You can find a slideshow of the displays on our galleries page)