In this video, Sri Chinmoy is interviewed with TV presenter Joel Martin. Sri Chinmoy talks about the inner motivation for his weightlifting activities.

Also, in this video there is footage of Sri Chinmoy lifting up an elephant weighing 3,000lb. and a small plane.


Sri Chinmoy explains that he does not consider himself a weightlifter or bodybuilder – he does not have that physique. But he is primarily a spiritual seeker. Sri Chinmoy also explains how he hopes his weightlifting will inspire people to seek inner peace, and inner strength. It is precisely this inner strength that will help create a more peaceful world. It is only when people feel weak that they start to quarrel and fight.

“You have just seen me lift the plan Naturally, this inspires people. and they know that is from the strength of my prayers and meditation life that I was able to perform these There is no other way as you can see I do not have big muscle… I entirely depend entirely on inner strength and this inner strength comes from God’s compassion, God’s grace and if I am strong, physically and spiritually then I will have peace of mind. We quarrel and fight precisely because we are weak.”

  • Sri Chinmoy

Other quotes from video

“My inner pilot wants me to of inspiration in the physical world.”

– Sri Chinmoy

“My message to the world at large is peace.”

– Sri Chinmoy

(unofficial quotes transcribed from video, may not be 100% accurate)