Watch the full recording of Challenging Impossibility, a film about the weightlifting of Sri Chinmoy.

In this video, some famous names in the world of weightlifting and body building put Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting exploits into the unique context of its unprecedented scale and innovative direction.

The short engaging film provides a fascinating insight into this avenue of self-transcendence. The film covers some of Sri Chinmoy’s most notable lifting performances, but also touches on the inner spirit, which is intrinsic to Sri Chinmoy’s lifting capacity.

The film Challenging Impossibility has received numerous awards, including:

Best Documentary Award at the Atlanta Shortsfest, Best Documentary at the Silicon Valley Film Festival, Best Documentary at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, Best Short Documentary at Duke City Docs, Special Jury Prize at the St. Regis Film Festival and Best Short Documentary at docMiami